Tornado Relief


Thanks to our Country Crew, 15 thousand dollars was raised for those affected by the storms and devastating tornadoes in Ottawa, the Valley and Gatineau.

But thousands of families are still trying to get back to normal without the resources to do it.

Right now, cash donations are the most helpful.

So if you can, please donate.

The Salvation Army, Humane Society, Canadian Red Cross, and all local food banks could really use your support.

They are being over run with requests for help.

Simply follow the links below to all these wonderful charities, helping your community get back on its feet.

We thank you for your support,

Your friends and Country 101.1

Click the links below to donate and help your community!
(There are over 70 Subway® local restaurants that are independently owned in Ottawa region.
During this tragic time, Subway® Restaurants’ want to help feed and provide meals to the
community as we work through the recovery from the tornado.)

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