Something prevalent in our time right now is keeping safe.

One of the ways, besides physical distancing & handwashing, is wearing a mask where is required and when physical distancing is a challenge.

Not too sure about buying a face mask? Maybe you need a craft for the kids and it is a way to break the ice about wearing a face mask… Brendan is here for you with a new try!

This week on Brendan Tries… Brendan tries to make a face mask!

There are a few things that could go wrong here with Brendan… Using pins, needles…. a SOWING machine *gasp*.

But, as long as you take the precautions and continue to try, you could have a mask like Brendan… or Brendan’s Aunt has!

See below how it goes.

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*Brendan Seeley is not a licensed professional, please use his advice carefully and cautiously at your own risk*


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