An integral part of Navan is the Navan Fair which is put on by the Cumberland Township Agricultural Society every year.

Here is a timeline about the fair with some interesting facts!

1946- First Navan fair! Held on farmland donated by George Shaw, a local farmer. It consisted of 2 acres of land with storage sheds. The basement of the school was used to serve box lunches. Activities that took place was livestock, homecraft competitions and an evening dance.

Admission was only $0.35 for adults and $0.20 for children!


Photo of the Navan Fair, 1946, provided by Cumberland Township Agricultural Society


1984- Navan Fair purchased the Domes that were used when Pope John Paul visited Ottawa, they were re-invented into the stage area at the fair. Check out this article here.


Photos provided by the Cumberland Township Agricultural Society, Navan Fair, 1989.

1995- Navan Fair entered the Guinness Book of Records for the 50-Horse Hitch to mark the 50th fair. This included 50 Clydesdale horses from 13 breeders, 50 handlers, a 12-ft-high wagon and 168 feet of reins from two lead horses to Willard McWilliams, the driver. This attraceted over 20,000 spectators and hundreds of volunteers, which almost doubled the Fair’s attendance from the previous year.

50-Horse-Hitch, Navan Fair, photo provided by Cumberland Township Agriculutral Society

This same year, they introduced the Tractor Pull, a shuttle bus from Orleans to Navan, and a Demolition Derby.

Way to go NAVAN!



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