Navan, Ontario.

Home of the World Record 50 Horse Hitch.

Population? About 1,905 (2016)

Birth year: 1861.

The name Navan came from an Irish settler, Michael O’Meara, who established the first Post Office. They needed  a name, so Michael named it after where he came from: Navan, County of Meath, Ireland.

Many families from Navan, ON had ventured to the namesake in Ireland and received the strong Irish welcome. Navan, ON is not the only name coming from Ireland, but actually two streets in Navan and their St. Mary’s Anglican Church was named after two churches that reside in Navan, Ireland.


Fun fact: the first church to be built was Presbyterian, which was built by Michael’s son, John O’Meara along with Mr.McDonald, an English carpenter. The church was located east of the village by the graveyard that is still there today, on land that was donated by Jessie Wilson, whose husband was accidentally killed while logging trees to build said church.


Now, about those horses… Bold and on the welcome to Navan sign is “Home of the World Record 50 Horse Hitch. In 1995, Navan entered The Guinness Book of World records at the 50th anniversary of the Navan Fair. They had 50 Clydesdale horses from 13 breeders, 50 handlers, 12-foot-high wagon, and 168 feet of reins from two lead horses to the driver Williard McWilliams. There was over 20,000 spectators and hundreds of volunteers to make this happen!

Quick Navan Facts:

  • Navan’s first murder happened at the Navan railway station with the shooting of the Constable Harold Dent in 1940.
  • The first Navan Fair was held in 1946
  • Navan hosted the International Plowing Match in 2001.
  • Navan has a time capsule which is in the ground in front of the fire and paramedics station on Colonial road, it was buried in 2014!

Navan, you made your mark in the Books, and you made your mark with our station.




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