Country Superstar Kacey Musgraves decided to remix one of her songs from her Grammy Winning album Golden Hour! Her song ‘Oh, What A World‘ expresses the amazing world around her and a special someone close to her!

Kacey mentions:

There are signs everywhere of human compassion and renewal. The earth is healing. Bluer skies hang over China and Los Angeles. Clearer water and a positive effect on wildlife is being seen. In spite of all its troubles, it’s still a wild, beautiful world, and if you need proof, it’s out there. You just might have to look in a different corner of the sky.

Kacey worked along side the World Wildlife Fund, to create the Kacey Musgraves Earth Day Fund to support the WWF’s conservation efforts.

She dedicates the NEW version of ‘Oh, What a World‘ to the essential workers and those fighting the coronavirus

Right now, there are so many brave people that deserve Medals of Honor: the nurses, doctors, grocers, the delivery and truck drivers, cashiers, gas station attendants, the scientists, restaurant workers, the single parents and so many others.”

~ Ryan

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