Today is WORLD RADIO DAY! We want to celebrate along with you and share some information on some of Country 101.1 announcers… from how they started, to awkward moments, and why they love radio.

Robin Harper, Mornings

Why I got into radio… always had the bug, called in for radio contests every day as a kid, my cousin had a ham radio station I couldn’t get enough of, later in life went to Alqonquin College and that started my path of working at the best job ever! The most memorable moment is when we spontaneously held a candle light vigil on the steps of Parliament the day Gord Downie passed and 100’s showed up to pass the guitar and play their favourite Hip songs. Most awkward moment is when I made Fred Penner say the F word!


Brendan Seeley, Middays

My favourite part of radio is getting a chance to make people’s day great. With everything going on in the World a chance to laugh or smile or learn something new is always important!


Wendy Boomer, Drive Home

My radio career started when I was 16! I figured if I LOVED everything Music, then why not find a career that revolves around it!
I took a Radio Course through a Highschool Focus Program, where they had a functioning radio station; from there I went to college for radio and 16 years later…here I am! Still loving all the incredible opportunities it brings me and most of all THE PEOPLE I get to interact with every day along the way! xox

Last, but not least.. Boss Amanda!

As you can see, I have been a fan of radio and CKBY since I was a kid…calling the station to request a song was a treat for me. Radio is a way for me to feel connected to my community and my love of country music. To have my passion of Country music and radio get to be my job is an absolute blessing.

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