When a country couple gets together, there is love, passion, and loyalty. The two share some of the happiest moments together. #1 singles, they are there during concerts and kissing their loved one when they accept an award!

BUT there is one thing they can’t support each other on…their RIVAL FOOTBALL TEAMS!

Jason Aldean, a Georgia boy through-and-through! His wife, Brittany, graduated from the University of Alabama…which makes her a fan of the Crimson Tide…the arch-rivals of the Georgia Bulldogs!

This past weekend, the #3 ranked Georgia Bulldogs were up against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish!

Brittany must really love Jason because she wore HER RIVAL COLOURS while they watched the game!


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I always knew @brittanyaldean would come around to the “G”!!#GODAWGS ????

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This must of been the good luck charm they needed…the Bulldogs won 23-17

Would you wear your RIVAL’S COLOURS?

~ Ryan

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