Blanco Brown might not be a familiar name right now but it sure will be soon! He is a “country-trap” artist…but really we can just call him an artist. No need to tag him with a weird genre name…he just makes fun music!

Blanco Brown was raised on hip-hop in Georgia! Influenced by Outkast and Johnny Cash, he started writing and performing songs with a country hip-hop flare! He is quickly becoming a viral sensation and was featured at several performances during CMA Fest

Not only does he have an outstanding voice, Blanco has also released a viral song called ‘The Git Up’…it’s kind of like the ‘Cha-Cha Slide‘ but with a twist!

The dance to the song has become so popular that Blanco released a tutorial video on how to do THE GIT UP

What do y’all think…it’s a JAM!

~ Ryan

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