Trisha Yearwood or as her husband Garth Brooks calls her “Miss Yearwood” has been working on a new album filled with songs she just loves!

The first single off the record is called ‘Every Girl In This Town‘ and she mentionsIt’s kind of a girl power song, but it’s not a preachy song. It’s really just saying, ‘We’re all in this together,’

She references a lyric in the song saying “… that sums it up for me. It says, ‘You got this, baby, so what if you don’t? It’s kind of like, sometimes we’re on our A-game and sometimes we’re not, and it’s OK to be whatever girl you are.

Check out her NEW track ‘Every Girl In This Town

Trisha Yeardwood says this about the song and all girls out there:

It reminds me of being a little girl and having those big dreams, and it’s what we all have in common. I want girls to realize every girl was in that position. Every girl was a little girl with a big dream.

~ Ryan

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