Lil Nas X trending track ‘Old Town Road‘ has certainly got some country stars on board! Jake Owen, Keith Urban, and Thomas Rhett all love the hit country/hip-hop crossover!

Country artist Jessie James Decker was looking to do something different but wasn’t sure what direction she wanted to take! She was at her sister’s birthday party when her younger brother mentioned ‘Old Town Road

Jessie James admitted that she had never heard the song before but gave it a chance! Her younger bro sent her the song and said “you need to cover this…it’s breaking all the rules right now”

She recorded the track that day and teased it on social media asking the fans if they wanted to hear the full version!

She got the OK from Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X to drop HER version of the track and downloads have been overwhelming for the country star!


~ Ryan

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