When Eric Church is back, he’s back!


The country music star announced his eight studio album last week saying “It’s been a while; I just want to say I have missed you. I have good news … the album is done, and we are back.”


The album will be titled Desperate Man with the first single also titled Desperate Man coming out in October. In the music video, Church gets up to no good while telling a story in a mini movie of the hero who must acquire all his music before the record label distributes it.  Check it out!



Kacey Musgraves is proud to embrace diversity in country music.


Kacey appreciated the diverse crowds that showed up for Harry Styles on his 2018 Live Tour, to which she opened up for. She hopes to see that crowd carry over into the country music world.


Kacey says she is seeing small signs that the country music genre is progressing. Take Luke Bryan’s hit Most People are Good. The song has seen quite a bit of attention for the line I believe you love who you love / Ain’t nothing you should ever be ashamed of. 


Although she is grateful that Luke Bryan can have this hit, she says it’s a small step and they still have a long way to go when it comes to seeing representation of all people in country music.


Forbes has released their top 100 world’s highest paid celebs for 2018.


Country music wise, Taylor Swift is #1. Coming in at #21 bringing in 80 million. Luke Bryan is at #45 bringing 52 million, Garth Brooks at #59 with 45.5 million, and Kenny Chesney at #87 with 37 million. Pocket change right?


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