You’re about to get a new source for the hot topic of the day. “The Big Story” is a new Rogers podcast.

Starting Monday, host Jordan Heath-Rawlings and producer Claire Brassard will be diving deep into the hot topic of the day.

Health-Rawlings says it could be something serious like housing and immigration or lighter fare like restaurant etiquette.

“Every day, we’re going to delve into the story. You know the one — it’s the one that’s everywhere and that everyone you know has an opinion about. Whether it’s in the world of politics, entertainment, sports, or general human interest.”

“The Big Story is released first thing Monday to Friday,” adds Brassard. “It’s about 15 minutes in length, and it’s guaranteed to leave you with a deeper understanding about a fascinating topic.”

You can find it starting June 25 through iTunesGoogle Play, or wherever you get your podcasts; or at