I’m not trying to toot my horn, but the songs that I have been picking for my Jam Sandwich have been pretty awesome, right?!

This week it gets even better! I’ve been diggin’ another underrated artist for a while now! Leah Daniels from Uxbridge, Ontario has been on your radio for a while!

She has been doin’ some amazing things! A hit single on Radio called ‘1st‘, covered Dan + Shay’s Tequila‘ with fellow Canadian Eric Ethridge

…and has a NEW record out now called The Story! From playing on stages at CMT Fest, Boots & Hearts and Big Valley Jamboree, Leah isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

AND today, my Jam Sandwich is the perfect song to prove that! A song about not giving up, giving it another try, a song about singing that one more song, and celebrating the victories!

Here’s Leah Daniels with Ryan’s Jam Sandwich and her track ‘One More Round

~ Ryan

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