The Country duo Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, have been subtly teasing their fans! Posting these Old Fashioned, black and white photos with what looks like song lyrics all over their social media pages!

Well the boys have returned with NOT 1…BUT 2 NEW TRACKS!


Tyler Hubbard described ‘Simple‘:

“…Everybody seems to want to complicate things. And the majority of the time, I just find that for us, it’s just easy to keep it simple. There’s no need to complicate it, especially when it comes to love, and BK and I’s relationship with our wives and our families. Just a little reminder to simplify things every now and then, and have a good time while you do it.
And then there is ‘Colorado

As we know, Tyler and Brian are not apposed to working with other artists outside of the country genre! They have been talking about the new record and NEW collaborations!

On this next record we definitely have a few surprises and things that we’re super excited about. A couple collaborations, one of them with our good buddy, Jason Aldean, and another one; I’m not going to ruin the whole surprise, but his name is Jason as well and may or may not be in a different genre. So we’re super excited to keep pushing the boundaries, and for us, it’s all about the right songs, and the right person, and the right timing, and the right team.”

~ Ryan

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