It’s as bizarre as it sounds. And sorta reminds me of the movie “Failure to Launch” with Matthew McConaughey & Sarah Jessica Parker. ‘Cept I think he just hadn’t moved out yet. In this case, Michael moved back home after he’d lost his job.

Apparently, Michael (30) had been asked multiple times by his parents to leave. Mark and Christina Rotondo had even given Michael money to vacate, but he simply refused. Over the last year, Michael has also lost access to his son, and still doesn’t have a job. He’s been living at the house with his folks for eight years.

The situation has become so dire, his parents actually had to take him to court, where the judge ruled in their favour – telling Michael it was time to go.

It’s become a hot button issue online.

Watch the interview from CNN:

No words.

~ Care

Feature Image: Youtube Screen Grab


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