Jays fell to the Twins today 4-0. Tomorrow they’ve got a double header, taking on the Cleveland Indians

It’s National Baby Day AND Brothers and Sisters Day!

Facebook is once again in the news, this time for apparently asking users to alert Facebook if puppies were hate speech?

From Huffington Post:

The social media platform kicked off its annual Facebook Developers Conference on Tuesday morning, and it inadvertently deployed an update to the site before the conference to help it identify hate speech.

That premature rollout led to an amusing half-hour or so as Facebook asked users to identify whether harmless posts were hate speech.

Whoopsy doodle

Scary day for those aboard a Southwest Airlines flight.

From New York Post:

A Newark-bound Southwest airliner from Chicago made an emergency landing Wednesday after a window cracked in midair — just two weeks after a woman died after being partially sucked through a window that shattered after an engine blew apart on another Southwest jet.

“There was a loud pop and then the pilot came out and then checked things out; and then he announced we had to divert to Cleveland,” shaken passenger Chris Speros, 27, told The Post after arriving at Newark Liberty Airport on a replacement plane.

“It was pretty tense because he announced there was a crack in the window. We still had pressure in the cabin, but he wasn’t sure how much longer we were going to have it.”

They landed safely at Newark shortly after 1 p.m


So we’ve got some time to go before the legalization of pot could potentially come in to effect.

Also from Huffington Post:

The Liberals were hoping to legalize recreational use of cannabis by July, but have already indicated that deadline would be pushed back by several weeks to give provincial governments and police authorities time to prepare for the new law.

When asked whether he’d be willing to delay implementing the bill, Trudeau didn’t answer directly, but indicated the Liberals will hold discussions with a number of affected communities as they forge ahead with legalization.

“We’ll continue to consult a broad range of Canadians,” Trudeau said as he entered a meeting of his caucus.

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