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Jays in action with the Boston Red Sox, and it’s Game 7 for the Leafs vs the Bruins

Jim Carrey has become quite the artist as of late. In light of the recent attack in Toronto, the actor posted a new portrait he’s done.

Amazing. And speaking of Toronto, the officer who single-handedly took down the assailant does not want to be referred to as a “hero”.

680 News reports:

“He wants the public not to call him a hero. He’s Officer Ken Lam. He’s real. He’s got a name, he’s got a badge. He’s not a hero.”

Toronto’s deputy police chief Peter Yuen spoke to media on behalf of and about Constable Ken Lam in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon after police was inundated by requests to speak to the “hero cop” — the police officer who apprehended and arrested the suspect in Monday’s deadly van attack in Toronto without firing a single shot.

This is the video of Officer Lam from Monday:

It’s nearly time for Dancing With The Stars, this season starring all-athletes, including Tonya Harding.

The former skater and boxer spoke about being on the show this season telling Entertainment Tonight:

“And I know there are some people out there that don’t like me and that’s OK,” she added. “But I just want to show them I’m a human being; I have feelings, and I’m here to try and do the best I can for myself and for my partner. I don’t want to let him down.”

Meanwhile, Harding compares DWTS to the Olympics, saying that “stepping out is going to be the same thing” and that she’s glad she gets to “start over.”

“I got the last thing taken away from me,’ she says.”This is my second miracle. My first miracle, of course, was my son.”

Tonya also said that ballroom dancing is a real challenge for her. The new season debuts April 30th

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photo via Jim Carrey’s Official IG 

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