Jays vs the Sox tonight at the Rogers Centre. Friday, they head to Texas to meet the Rangers.

It’s Hug A Newsperson Day! And today Heath Ledger would have been 39.

It’s also the day Dr. Maya Angelou would have been 90. The icon was an American poet, singer, memoirist, and civil rights activist. She has been celebrated, commemorated today and was also featured in the Google homepage Doodle. Many took to Twitter to honour her.

As the reboot of Roseanne continues to drawn in ratings, the show continues to tackle real family problems. In the premiere episode, Roseanne discusses her choice to vote for Donald Trump, much to her sister, Jackie’s chagrin. This week, the Conner’s got down and dirty about Darlene’s parenting skills:


And speaking of Trump, making the rounds online is his … salt shakers? Some noticed that the President’s salt and pepper shakers were of larger size than his guests at a recent White House luncheon. Yup. That’s what people noticed.

And it was a wild, and windy ride for residents in Ontario.

Environment Canada issued many wind warnings, with gusts getting upwards of 100km/hour.

From Huffington Post:

Provincial power utility Hydro One said more than 80,000 of its customers were without power Wednesday afternoon, while Toronto Hydro said about 21,000 of its customers were in the dark. West of the city, Alectra Utilities said about 15,000 customers were without power in Hamilton and Mississauga, Ont. There were also numerous reports of downed power lines.

The hashtag ONSTORM was trending for most of the day.

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