It’s World Theatre Day! I’m a Rent fan. I can watch a zillion times over. 🙂

Folks in Quebec can expect a tax hike on their Netflix and Amazon starting in 2020.

Huffington Post reports:

Quebec has made good on a vow to charge provincial sales tax on Netflix and other foreign online businesses that have customers in the province.

As part of its latest budget, unveiled Tuesday, the provincial government said it will require foreign online services to register with the province as of January 1 of next year, and start collecting the 9.975-per cent provincial sales tax.

The tax will apply to sales at Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, iTunes and other online services that operate from outside Quebec.

Companies that collect less than $30 000 per year from Quebec citizens will be exempt until September 2019.

We’ve got our Bride, but who will stand beside her?

Much speculation has gone on about who Meghan Markle will officially choose to be her Maid or Matron of Honour at the May 19th Royal nuptials.

While some had hoped her future sister-in-law, Duchess Catherine, would be selected for the gig, most Royal watchers agree that Meghan will choose BFF Jessica Mulroney – wife of Ben Mulroney. The pair have been spotted travelling, and spending time together.

From Huffington Post:

Mulroney, her husband Ben, and their three kids are reportedly invited to the royal wedding. The couple’s daughter, Ivy, is said to have an important role to play at the nuptials, according to Us Weekly, which only adds to speculation that the Canadian stylist has been asked to be Markle’s maid of honour.

Ain't no party like a @meghanmarkle party #raptors

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Little Big Town have been included on the Elton John tribute album, Revamp and Restoration: Nashville EditionThe quartet scored on the classic “Rocket Man”, harmonizing an incredible new rendition.

And with the reboot of Roseanne now back on our television sets, Tom Arnold (a one-time spouse of Roseanne’s and former castmate) revealed Rosie banned him from dating Laurie Metcalf (who plays Jackie).

He reviewed the reboot for Hollywood Reporter:

One night while partying during pilot week in 1988, Roseanne, who was in the front seat with Goodman, noticed me holding Laurie’s hand in back. The next morning she called me into her office and told me, “Writers cannot date actors. That’s a rule of show business.” Who was I to break a rule of show business? Never mind that Roseanne and I got married two years later (and lasted four). But Laurie is a tour de force. She could carry this show. She could carry every show ever.

~ Care 🙂

photo via the official “Roseanne” twitter 


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