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Maren Morris is getting married – and soon! The songbird took to Instagram to let fans know she’s been working on her wedding vows, and how she’s feeling super sentimental. I cannot wait to see those wedding photos. So sweet!

Well, well, well. One beer company has attempted to play on the “gingers have no soul” routine and put out an ad asking consumers to find their one “rusty” beer bottle “floating around”. You’ll be rewarded five hundred bucks if you find a bottle. After realizing it’s insensitivy, the company has pulled the ad, but has not apologized.

According to Munchies:

The Advertising Standards Bureau received a number of complaints about the ad, and eventually ruled that yep, it was in poor taste. “The majority of the panel considered the suggestion that the genetic trait needed to be stopped was a negative one, and considered that the most reasonable interpretation of this line was that having red hair was undesirable,” the Advertising Standards Community Panel said.

And NO, William Shatner is NOT dead.

According to People:

The Star Trek actor, 86, took to Twitter on Wednesday to dispel rumors that he had died, and called out Facebook for supporting an advertisement that seemed to suggest he had passed away.

These hoaxes have just gotta quit.

PLUS Senate has passed the Marijuana Legalization Bill.

As per the Huffington Post Canada:

The Senate gave approval in principle Thursday evening to the federal government’s bill to legalize recreational marijuana, after a tense few days of manoeuvring by Conservative senators hoping to derail one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s signature election promises.

Bill C-45 passed at second reading by a vote of 44-29.

That does not mean the bill is out of the Senate woods, however. It will now be scrutinized by five different Senate committees, which could recommend amendments, before returning it to the upper house for a final debate and vote by June 7.

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photo via Maren’s official IG

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