It’s Everything You Think Is Wrong Day. Oh.

Harper Lee’s estate is suing the To Kill A Mockingbird stage adaptation.

According to Page 6:

The estate of “To Kill a Mockingbird” author Harper Lee has filed suit over an upcoming Broadway adaptation of the novel, arguing that screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s script wrongly alters Atticus Finch and other characters from the book.

The contract was signed by Harper Lee eight months before her death in 2016.

Another United Airlines guffaw?!

Buzzfeed reports:

Kara Swindle, along with her husband Joseph, their children, and their German shepherd, Irgy, are in the process of moving. On Tuesday, Swindle took a United flight from Denver to Kansas City — but when she went to pick up Irgy from the airport cargo facility, she found a great Dane in her dog’s kennel instead.

Apparently, Irgy ended up in Japan! Come on! Fortunately, he’s headed home with a human escort.

And that smooch heard around the world on American Idol? The contestant contends it was not, in fact, harassment.

From the Associated Press:

Singer Katy Perry kissed a contestant on “American Idol” and he did not like it.

But Benjamin Glaze is downplaying some backlash aimed at Perry, who is a judge on the show. The 19-year-old took to Instagram on Wednesday to say he did not think he was sexually harassed.

The singer from Oklahoma says he was uncomfortable when Perry kissed him on the lips as he auditioned during the show’s two-night season opener on ABC. Glaze says he had never been kissed before.

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