Happy Oreo Day!

Leave it to Jennifer Garner! After the meme hit Twitter on Sunday during the Oscars of Jenn having an “ah-ha!” moment, Jennifer dropped three vids to her Instagram story “explaining” what she was thinking.

Have a watch:

All eyes are on Duchess Catherine! Not only is Kate expecting she and Prince William’s third baby next month, she’s also got a “royal pose” named for her! The “Duchess Slant” is based on her signature style of sitting. As the Duchess sits, she’s always got her legs slanted to one side. Her Royal Pose is so well-known, that Meghan Markle has now adopted it as well. But as you can see in the vid, it would appear that Princess Diana probably started it.

What To Know About The "Duchess Slant"

It's no surprise Kate Middleton has a royal pose named after her.

Posted by HuffPost Canada on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

And former first lady, Michelle Obama, danced up a storm with a toddler who loved her portrait! Check it out. Adorbs.

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