It’s Pink Shirt Day! We all need to be reminded to stand up to bullying. Spread love, always.

Cloning dogs? Apparently, Barbara Streisand did. And it wasn’t cheap. According to the New York Times Barbara could have paid up to 100k to have her pups cloned. In a new interview, the actress revealed she had two Coton de Tulear dogs cloned from her late dog, Samantha, who was 14 when she passed last year. Cloning has been around since the infamous Dolly the Sheep in 1996, and has been on-going since.

I hit a pothole over the weekend. So I get that winter-to-spring slump that happens, and potholes open on our roads. An ice cream shop in Michigan have begun offering a scoop of comfort for those like me who are dealing with those auto woes. Farmhouse Coffee & Ice Cream is offering a free scoop of their Michigan Pothole flavour to any one who produces a receipt of a pothole repair till the end of March.

The ice cream is described as “thick black tar fudge and chocolate ice cream with chunky chocolate cookie asphalt pieces.”


There’s a toilet paper shortage in Taiwan! Prices could shoot up to a mark up of 30%.

From Taipei in the north to Tainan in the south, retailers are having difficulty keeping it on their shelves, as reports of imminent price increases have sent consumers rushing to stores to stock up on the household staple, which in Taiwan is sold folded in packs rather than as rolls.

Wu oh!

And FGL are talking MORE collabs on their next album. BK (Brian Kelley) and Tyler Hubbard have worked with the likes of Nelly, Bebe Rexha, The Backstreet Boys, and The Chainsmokers (among others). It appears they’ve got tracks in the bank and are ready to get them released. This’ll be the duo’s fourth studio album.

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