I’m not sure if you’ve met Justin Moore, but he’s not the tallest country singer!

Here he is getting a big ol’ hug from Blake Shelton

Or here he is with his bud Luke Bryan

So obviously basketball isn’t his go-to sport! BUT Justin Moore does love the sport and he was on his “Hell On A Highway Tour” and he made a stop in New Jersey. While the crew was setting up his stage for the concert that night, Harlem Globetrotter basketball player Zeus McClurkin wanted to show him a thing or two!

Now Justin Moore is 5’7″ and Zeus is 6’8″…so already off to an unfair advantage!


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So the two went one-on-one for three-point shots…and we got the whole thing on video!


He’s not a bad shot…but in the end Justin Moore couldn’t match a Globetrotter! He wants a rematch!

~ Ryan

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