Happy Curling is Cool Day!

What else is cool … er, cold? Probably the topless, tutu-wearing man who jumped on the ice at the Winter Games. This actually happened. He also happened to be sporting the words “peace” and “love” across his chest.

Tonight and tomorrow, as we’re into the few final days of the Games, you can check out Curling, Speed Skating, and Hockey among others. Find out more HERE.

What’s in a Snap? Well, when you’re a Kardashian-Jenner, you’ve consider that people are listening when you say things. At 25 million followers, Kylie Jenner’s Twitter is, well, influential. So much so that when she Tweeted her complaints about Snapchat’s new design, stocks actually plummeted. I guess if you have nothing nice to say …

Read more HERE.

And what of that Fergi-licious anthem last weekend at the NBA All-Star Game? Well, Fergie’s exhusband, Josh Duhamel, told Ellen:

“It’s hard to see somebody you care about get beat up like that. That’s the business, you know?…You put yourself out there. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose.”

He went on to say that his son’s Mama is crazy talented. Fergie issued an official apology after folks reacted poorly to her performance. Watch it again here –>

~ Care 🙂

photo via Youtube 


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