It’s Be Humble Day. That’s nice.

Is Rachel McAdams expecting?! The London, Ontario native is reportedly around seven months along. Rachel, our Canadian cutie, is best loved for her portrayals as Regina George in Mean Girls and Ally in The Notebook. She is said to be expecting with screenwriter, James Linden. If the rumour mill is true, congrats Rachel!

Rachel currently co-stars alongside Jason Bateman in Game Night opening this weekend.

One Canadian is making headlines for not wearing her Silver Medal. Jocelyne Larocque of Team Canada’s Women’s Hockey, was not impressed with our country’s silver place on the podium. Team Canada fell to the United States in a 3-2 shoot-out, and promptly after being adorned with the medal, Jocelyne was seen taking it off. She was allegedly told by an Olympic official to put it back on.

Tonight, Men’s Hockey and Speed Skating in the wee hours of the morning. Check out more HERE.

Do you need a cheat sheet on how to remember to listen? That’s what US President Trump is being accused of. After last week’s school shooting in Florida, Trump sat with victim’s and their families to listen to their concerns. However, in a photo it appears Trump is holding a pamphlet with hand-written notes to use during the session. They include reminders to say “I hear you”, and “what can we do to help you”. Unsurprisingly, it’s lead to some jokes online.

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