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Is Elizabeth Swaney the “worst Olympian”? The American born and raised athlete is competing in the Winter Games, representing Hungary in Freestyle Skiing. How? Because her maternal grandparents are from the country. And what makes her the “worst”? Well, it’s not just because she scored last in the sport. Rather, it’s because she didn’t actually do any tricks. She simply skied the halfpipe in what’s been called a “mediocre” run. Elizabeth managed to snag a spot on the team, because she frequently competed in World Games, many of which weren’t heavily attended by Olympian contenders. Eventually, she was awarded a chance in South Korea. While she’s received both love and hate for her presence, Elizabeth says hopes to inspire others to get into the sport.

From the Guardian:

If the watching fans and media were left bemused by Swaney’s runs, her competitors were more supportive of her presence at the Olympics. “If you are going to put in the time and effort to be here, then you deserve to be here as much as I do,” said Canada’s Cassie Sharpe, who qualified in first place with the two highest-scoring runs.

Day 13 Games include Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding, and Nordic Combined.

Another weekend, another celebrity death hoax. This time? The one and only Sylvester Stallone. While people need to find a hobby OTHER than spreading rumours, this one got Sly worked up enough that he chose to respond saying:

And whoopsy doodle. Looks like the Real Housewives of New York got more than they bargained for after what they assumed was going to be a vacation on a luxury yacht became a nightmare on a vessel – that sank!

Page 6 reports that the gals were hysterical when the engine of the ship they were on caught fire while they were out at sea.


The cast, we’re told, mustered a characteristic “Real Housewife” response. “They all thought they were going to die and they were hysterical,” we’re told. “Bethenny [Frankel], Ramona [Singer] and Dorinda [Medley] were soaked and screaming hysterically, Carole [Radziwill] and Tinsley [Mortimer] were literally throwing up from seasickness. They were far out to sea and they thought they were going down like the Titanic.”

Everyone is a okay, as they were rescued by another boat.

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photo via Sly’s official Instagram 


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