Remember when we heard the news that a missile was headed for Hawaii? Then 30 minutes later we all learned it WASN’T true?!

Yeah, that was crazy.

Turns out the employee who sent the false warning has since been fired.

The state emergency agency worker believed the attack was real because of a mistake in how the drill was initiated during a shift change, the FCC said in a report.

I used to think it wasn’t possible for someone to mess up that badly at work. But, I guess, they needed a little more than just being written up.

United Airlines showed their colours by not allowing a emotional support peacock on a flight.

Staff at the Newark Liberty International Airport refused a woman who tried to bring her peacock with her on her travels.

It may sound bizarre to bring a peacock on a plane, but give the woman credit for persistence: She reportedly tried several times to get the bird on board and even offered to buy a separate ticket for it, but airline employees nixed every request. The passenger’s identity was not released.

Folks had some thoughts …

We all watched as President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed incoming President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump meet on the day of the inauguration. We also all remember the awkward exchange when Melania handed Michelle a blue Tiffany’s box and the First Lady literally not knowing what to do with it. She looked around a few seconds before President hubby took it back inside. Well, Ellen DeGeneres asked Michelle all the questions we’ve had since that fateful day in upcoming episode of her show:

The episode will air tomorrow.


And heal up fast, Loretta Lynn!

The country icon has reportedly cancelled her one and only concert appearance this year. Loretta has suffered complications the past couple of years – a stroke last May, and more recently fracturing her hip.

This year’s show was scheduled for May in Oklahoma, but it has since been cancelled.

Sending healing vibes to Loretta!

~ Care 🙂

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