The 60th Annual Grammy Awards are coming up this weekend! Hosted by James Corden, the show broadcasts from Madison Square Gardens in New York on Sunday night.

A slew of artists and musicians will be on hand to receive awards, recognize nominations and, of course, perform.

But also, in following suit with the Golden Globes, many folks will be donning a white rose to show their symbolism to the #TimesUp Movement; an organization that seeks to defend and support women. At the Globes, nearly all actors wore black, with many of the male actors also wearing the “Time’s Up Pin”.

For more on #TimesUp, click HERE.

For all the nominees this weekend, click HERE.

Oprah responds!

The Diva herself has responded to rumours that she could be considering a presidential bid for 2020.

She told Instyle Magazine:

I don’t have the DNA for it…I met with someone the other day who said that they would help me with a campaign. That’s not for me.

Collective sigh. Oprah may be a terrific human, but a politician is probably better suited for the gig.

HOW many shoes does Reba have? 

85 pairs of boots. 85! I hope she even wears them in her sleep. Cause if I owned a collection like that, I’d want to show them off at ALL times!

And be sure to head to the pub! Have some haggis or a Scottish Egg!

January 25th celebrates Robbie Burns day!

Here’s Gerard Butler explaining some Scottish slang.


~ Care 🙂

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