You probably know her better as Meredith Grey, but actress Ellen Pompeo has been named the highest paid actress in television.

The Grey’s Anatomy star has inked a new two year deal, which includes more than $550, 000/episode, plus producing creds on the show, as well.

Ellen is now raking in a cool $20 mil/year, and recently sat down to address the money she’s earning. Get it, girl!

It’s not a sun flare. It’s not a fire ball, at all! In fact, it was METEOR that was spotted over Michigan last night.

Some folks even say that they felt a quake through their homes.

The meteor lit up the sky over Detroit and even in to part of Ontario. I guess the kids would have said it was “lit”.

NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh, is engaged! He proposed to his now-fiancee Gurkiran Kaur, a fashion designer. She said “yes” at a vegetarian restaurant in Toronto. Pics are super adorable.


She said yes!! . Elle a dit oui!!

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Photo: Grey’s Anatomy show poster

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