Stop eating laundry pods!

No, legit. After a weird meme was floating around online, doctors and laundry pod manufacturers are actually pleading with people to not eat laundry pods … anymore. Anymore?!

While we know that there have been children harmed by ingesting the pods (after mistaking them for candy), a new study shows that more adults than children are eating them.

Stop doing that!

Greta Gerwig snagged the Best Director trophy for her highly acclaimed film, Ladybird. The director picked up the hardware at the National Board of Review last night – and DROPPED it. Yep, shattered it on the marble floor. She blamed it on nerves. Can’t say I blame her!

Shania Twain and Meghan Trainor battled on Drop the Mic with the segment ending in a tie. Both gals had plenty of clapbacks, with Shania at one point saying “If there’d been no Shania, there’d be no you.” Yowch!

Watch the vid below!

And Edmonton police are encouraging drivers to slow down and to drive safely by reminding folks that this winter driving is not a video game.

In a post on their social feeds, police remind drivers that this is not Mario Kart!

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EPS received 70 property damage collision reports and 5 injury collision reports in 4 hours. Edmonton is not a level in…

Posted by Edmonton Police Service on Thursday, January 11, 2018


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