Looks like Rascal Flatts will be teaming up with Blake Shelton during Season 13 of The Voice! It was announced yesterday (August 7) that the three were team Blake!

Rascal Flatts says they admire Blake’s ear for finding talent and continued to say they’re having a blast working with him and his team.


What blew them away was witnessing the pressure of going from a new singer/songwriter to a star, OVERNIGHT.


“It’s a whole level of pressure, it’s really impressive to see … It’s really inspiring to all of us.” 


Obviously it seems like a missed opportunity to not have the trio perform with Blake during The Voice. But not to worry, Blake confirmed he will make them perform with him “because this is his show and people do what he tells them to do”.


Season 13 of the voice premieres on NBC on September 25th. Will Team Blake win a a 6th time?


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