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The Unbalanced Podcast: March 6th - 10th

Originally Aired: March 10, 2017

It’s another episode of The Unbalanced Podcast! As always, thank you to everyone that has subscribed on iTunes and Google Play Music! It’s a great way to get the podcast straight onto your mobile device.

We start things off with some very interesting confessions from our callers as they tell us what common thing they’ve never done. And we got calls on everything, from people who’ve never mowed the lawn or even been on a plane! Most of the stories we got garnered a response like this:

While out getting a coffee, Kenny overhead the guy in line in front of him bragging about getting botox, and what’s worse, he even suggested his friends get it! The nerve of that guy! So the question is, is getting botox a “private conversation” thing? And would you be offended if someone said that YOU should get botox? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter: @KennyJones77 and @BigGingerFM!

Ottawa’s Mayor, Jim Watson, teased us with a big announcement this week. Turns out he’s running for office again in 2018. But what do you WISH he announced? I gotta say, what a bunch of fun, creative responses we got on this. If you wished that he announced something different, we’d love to hear it on The Unbalanced Breakfast Facebook page!


Things got a little heated on the show when I texted Kenny from the Tim’s drive through to let him know I’d be a little late. His response of a cookie emoji apparently meant that he wanted me to get him a cookie. Would you have picked up on that?


That should do it for this week! Don’t forget, there’s a bonus code at the end for you too! If you ever want to get a hold of the show, you can do so on The Unbalanced Breakfast Facebook page! Give us a like, and follow us on Twitter: @KennyJones77 and @BigGingerFM. Snap us on Snapchat: Kenny.Jones & BigGingerFM! And you can always hit us up on the CONTACT US page too! Until next week, see ya!

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