With Little Big Town’s recent release of their 8th studio album The Breaker (if you’re counting 2016’s Wanderlust), the single off that album ‘Better Man‘ has gained a lot of popularity and could even push them ahead of the competition to win Vocal Group Of The Year at the 52nd ACM Awards!

The song, written by Taylor Swift, takes place in the broken heart of a woman, wishing her man would have treated her better and loved her deeper. The love between the two has been broken beyond repair…

Singer/songwriter Chase Bryant shares an introspective view of the song! He puts a new spin on the hit ‘Better Man‘ by transforming it from an accusation into a regretful perspective! Bryant changed “you” to “I” in the lyrics, giving us another side of a break-up, highlighting loneliness, loss and guilt!

His vocals are backed up by the harmonies of country trio Runaway June, providing us with a sweet melody to a heart breaking song!

Here it is…Chase Bryant with ‘Better Man


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