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The Unbalanced Podcast: February 13th - 17th

Originally Aired: February 17, 2017

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Unbalanced Podcast! As always, thank you for your calls this week! You can get the podcast automatically downloaded to your device, all you have to do is subscribe on iTunes and Google Play Music! Let’s get to it!


After proposing to Vikki over the holidays, we’ve now started to plan our wedding. I thought I had a rather novel idea on what to do for music, get a reggae cover band! I’m turning her on to the idea, but Kenny’s worried that the dance floor will be empty! What do you think? Let us know on The Unbalanced Breakfast Facebook page!


Even though it was Valentine’s week, Kenny couldn’t get any love with his Roll Up the Rim game. Seriously, I’d give you a running tally, but he drinks two coffees a day and hasn’t won once… That’s when our lovely listeners called to rub it in. Let us know how your Roll Up game is going on Snapchat: Kenny.Jones and BigGingerFM!


After hearing about Hulkamaniac Ken‘s close encounter with Johnny Cash (spoiler alert: he touched his boot), you started calling in with your brushes with celebrities! And believe it or not, one of the stories involves getting a kiss from one of my favourite classic country stars! You can find out with who in the podcast! But in the meantime, if you’ve run into a celebrity and got a fun story to tell, we’d love to hear it! Hit us up on Twitter: @KennyJones77 and @BigGingerFM!


We’d love it if you reached out to us on The Unbalanced Breakfast Facebook page! Give us a like, and follow us on Twitter: @KennyJones77 and @BigGingerFM. Snap us on Snapchat: Kenny.Jones & BigGingerFM! And you can always hit us up on the CONTACT US page too! We love getting mail! We’ll see you next week!!!!



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