First, we wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that submitted their scary story! We really appreciate it! But we drew a name and picked Nichole from Iroquois! That’s her place in the photo up there… it just LOOKS haunted, doesn’t it?


We then met up with John and the team from Ottawa Paranormal Research Investigators to go and find whatever it is that’s haunting Nichole’s place. But first, we gotta know what we’re hunting. Nichole shares her story:

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Unbalanced Haunted House: Nichole

Originally Aired: October 27, 2016

After arriving, we immediately got chills. It was a stormy night, wind howling, rain pouring, and ghosts ghosting… Hopefully… Here’s a quick look at some of the equipment OPRI used to track the potential haunters:

There were a lot of different techniques involved in searching for ghosts. Some of them involved asking different questions to the spirits to get a response, others involved sitting in the dark, cold basement with no flashlights. But was it worth it? Did John and his team find any evidence of a haunting? He tells all, here:

And with that, we wrap up the inaugural edition of the Unbalanced Breakfast Haunted House. We’ll be updating this post if and when John finds more evidence to bring to the table, but until then, check out their website and give them a shout if you think your place is haunted!

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