COUNTRY CREW Members, win a copy of a Chris Janson’s new album Everybody. 


Track List:

1. “Who’s Your Farmer” (Chris Janson, Buddy Owens, Mitch Oglesby)
2. “Everybody”(Chris Janson, Tom Douglas, Casey Beathard)
3. “Name on It” (Chris Janson, Ashley Gorley, Chris DuBois, Ross Copperman)
4. “Eyes for Nobody” (Chris Janson, Jeremy Stover)
5. “Fix a Drink” (Chris Janson, Chris DuBois, Ashley Gorley)
6. “Out There” (Chris Janson, Corey Crowder)
7. “Little Bit of Both” (Chris Janson, Craig Wiseman, Ben Hayslip)
8. “Our World” (Chris Janson, Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip)
9. “Bein’ a Dad” (Casey Beathard, Ed Hill, Chris Janson)
10. “When You Like Me” (Chris Janson, Casey Beathard, Kelly Roland)
11. “Redneck Life” (Chris Janson, Mitch Oglesby)
12. “Drunk Girl” (Chris Janson, Scooter Carusoe, Tom Douglas)



COUNTRY CREW draw runs 2:00PM November 9, 2017 to 11:59pm November 19, 2017.  Prize winner must pick up prize at Ottawa location (2001 Thurston Dr.) between the hours of Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm with a piece of photo identification*